TikTok Is Better Than Instagram Reels and You’ll Convince Yourself Soon

Do you know what happened to Instagram Reels? We can tell you. It has been flooded with re-uploaded videos from TikTok, and the watermarks are still there. Authentic reels? Not so much, but if that happens, they’re based on popular TikTok trends.

Reels are not that popular. Actually, they’re quite easy to forget. First of all, Reels are not labeled as Stories are, for example, so they’re just regular videos. They don’t really get in the direct feed, so it’s pretty hard to find something that actually interests you from your feed.

The thing is that TikTok gave you everything you needed in one single place. It was designed to bring videos to you, not to make you find them. It’s harder to enjoy Reels when you need to look for the ones you want to see. TikTok has everything you’re looking for on the first screen.

There are a lot of video services, streaming services which are designed to allow people to watch whatever they want. But for some, it is too overwhelming, because they don’t know what to choose. And Netflix is aware of this problem. They learned that if people don’t find something to watch in the first 90 seconds, they will move to something else. Apparently, people spend about 10 minutes to find something to watch on streaming platforms. With TikTok, we don’t have this problem. It has solved it in two ways. They have a personalization algorithm and a constant flow of videos in only one feed. After you open the app, you are not required to go to another place. You start scrolling, and you get more and more videos. It will see what you’re interested in and will show you more videos of that kind, and you won’t need to do anything to help it. And that’s why TikTok is better.



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