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Tiktok: Let’s Cover the Basics

We know all the rumors out there, with TikTok being taken out from the stores in the US and other countries. But we also know how addicting it can be, so we want to help you be more familiar with it.

Let’s cover the basics

When you first open the app, you will see a menu bar on the bottom. There are 5 screens to try in this app.

The first one is Home. With this one, you get two feeds – Following and For you. Following is for the accounts you’re following, and For You is that page where you’re getting all the trending videos and basically all the videos that are fun to watch.

The second one is Discovery. This one shows you TikTok videos tagged with a trending hashtag. Here you can also enter different search terms in order to find videos, sounds, users, and hashtags. There’s also a Scan button that helps you capture someone’s TikCode. It’s mostly like a QR Code, which helps you find other users.

The third one is Create a video. This is where the magic happens. Here you can film a video and do some other things, like adjust the speed, use filters and effects.

The fourth one is the Inbox, where you get all the details about your shared videos. Of course, you can filter them by mentions or comments. If you tap on the Envelope icon, you will find all of your private messages.

The fifth one is Me. This one is your public profile, which everyone can see. You can make it, or some parts of it, private. Also, all your likes and public videos can be seen here. Here is also where you can see who you followed, who follows you, how many likes you have on your videos, and even more than that. Just make sure you add a profile picture and a bio.









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