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TikTok Tips to Get You Through Your Day

TikTok has got its fanbase in quite a short time, and every time you open the app, it’s just so addictive, you will spend a lot of time watching videos. It’s YouTube’s competition, and it’s an excellent way to inspire others and be inspired.

We have written this article to give you the best tips out there on how to improve your stay on the app. It might be a bit difficult for newcomers, but don’t worry – you’ll learn fast.

Make Live Wallpaper With TikTok Videos

When you are going through your app, you will see a lot of videos that you would get to love. Did you know that you can use your favorite video as a live wallpaper on your phone? It’s quite easy, actually. You just need to download an official plugin that’s called TikTok Wall Picture. It was created by TokTok Inc. After you download it, you need to open the TikTok app and go to your favorite video. Then, tap the Share button and then select “Live photo.”

Next, you will see the wallpaper on your home screen, and you’ll have to click on the Set Wallpaper button. You can change it anytime.

Want to spend less time on the app?

If you believe you are spending way too much time on TikTok, then you can restrict the time you spend on the app. You need to open the app and go to Settings. From there, select the Digital Wellbeing option. You will see there the Screen Time Management option – you need to tap on it. Select the screen time of your choice and then activate it. You can set a time limit of 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes.

After you reach this screen time limit, the app will ask for a password to continue watching videos – it will work as an alarm to stop you from spending time on the app.

This is also how you can help your child. The Screen Time Management option will help in restricting their time spent on the apps – if he or she got used to staying hours and hours watching TikToks. Just don’t share the password with your kids.

The effects and the games

When you open TikTok and the recording screen, you just need to tap on the Effect button – you can find it on the bottom left corner. You will get a popup with different categories. These categories are trending, meme, games, new.

Go to options, and you can select from there many filters, effects, and games, which are bound to make your videos unique. Among the games, you will get to enjoy Which Animal You Are, Rate Your Looks, Make Your Pizza – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

After you record the video with your favorite effects, games, or filters, you can edit it by taking into account different transitions, or you can split the screen and add stickers.

You can change the video language of the content

Did you know that you can change the language of the content in the app? This will make your experience even better. In order to do so, tap on the Me button, then go to the three-dot button, and tap on the Content Preferences option. That’s where you’ll find the Add Language button. What’s left is to select the preferred content language. Then you will get new recommendations based on the selected language.



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