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Toolbox for Minecraft: PE 5.3.0 Update Comes With New Features

Toolbox for Minecraft: PE is an application that allows you to employ all types of mods and perks when playing Minecraft Pocket Edition.

For instance, you can give yourself items, potion effects, give or remove the health of all entities of a particular kind, alter the game mods, time, weather, and more. It also enables you to add objects directly from your survival mode inventory, to activate the X-ray vision to see precious blocks or minimap mods, summon monsters at your like, or cast a spell on items in an easy manner.

Toolbox for Minecraft: PE’s Features

As evident as it might sound, in order to use Toolbox for Minecraft: PE, you need to have Minecraft Pocket Edition on your mobile device; otherwise, the app has no use. It is, however, important to mention that you need the full version of the game to use the app because it doesn’t work with the demo mode.

Toolbox for Minecraft: PE is a great platform that enables you to take a step out of the Minecraft gaming experience on Android and, in a way, craft your own game and make your own rules. The app is available to download on the Google Play Store.

Here is what the official description of the app says:

“Missing an item in Survival? No problem, just add it from the menu. Almost died? Heal yourself or switch to creative in-game! Forgot the recipe for an item? Just check it using the menu! Got tired of walking every time you need to get an item from the main chest? Use the Teleport feature! Can’t find diamonds for hours? Just activate the X-Ray mode. Destroying trees takes forever? Enable the Tree Capitaor option and destroy whole trees instantly!”

With Toolbox for Minecraft: PE, you can easily become a master of the Pocket Edition title in the popular Minecraft franchise. The app also receives regular updates, which keeps it fresh and exciting to use.

Toolbox for Minecraft: PE 5.3.0 Update

The app’s latest roll-out, Toolbox for Minecraft: PE 5.3.0 update, comes with a few new features and a completely new script as the app has been rewritten from scratch. The update now allows you to give and enchant items, including on Realms, brings HP bars, TP to the player, along with many other new features.

The release also brought support for the edition, as well as for the edition.



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