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Top 2 Minecraft Skin Maker Sites

Minecraft is a classic of the gaming industry. Its addictive gameplay and stylish, but very simple graphics have turned it into one of the biggest games in the world. It is easy to play for virtually anyone, and it has an enormous fanbase. Some of its fans are not just gamers but talented artists. This can be seen through the complex architecture designed in-game, but also through the abstract and eye-catching skins, they created. In the following article, there are some of the best sites players can use to create their skins and find the skins posted by other players.

Skin DJ is one of these sites, and it has the distinct advantage of being a real-time 3D editor, thus giving users a 360-degree look at the skin they are making. Another advantage of the Skin DJ is that you can export your creations to a mobile device. This means that you can even use the skin on Minecraft’s Pocket Edition. Skin DJ also has a mode known as “Stealer Mode.” This enables you to use the skins of other people that you see in-game. All in all, the Skin DJ is a nice website, and it allows you to create some nice, simple Minecraft Skins. The disadvantage is that you cannot layer different textures for more detailed skin.

Miners Need Cool Shoes is a relatively more complex version of SeusCraft, which is a relief for users that are familiar with that platform. Miners Need Cool Shoes has an RNG mode where you can randomly start a skin and just edit it from that point, which is great if you have inspiration issues. Miners Need Cool Shoes also enables you to steal skins from the website if you see a fellow user with a skin you like, but do not want to create it personally.

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