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Top 3 Methods to Make Money Online with Google

The Internet has become a significant part of our lives for quite some time now. It is not only for social entertainment and media. The online environment is a host to lots of activities. Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox are the tools that keep us connected with the World Wide Web. And most of us set up Google as the foremost preference. Let’s see the best methods to make money online with Google.

Top 3 Methods to Make Money Online with Google


YouTube is one of the most praised and oldest platforms that users chose for entertainment. Professional or amateur content developers have begun their journey with YouTube, uploading various videos and showing their talent. The process is indeed a little bit challenging, but starting to upload good quality videos that other users would find it impressive, it’s among the first steps.

You will also need a significant subscriber base, different themes for your content, and video SEO. The popularity you could gain is also a driving factor for sponsors, meaning, some excellent earnings.

Google AdSense

AdSense is a program run by Google on a webpage that displays ads targeting the audience and the content, as well. The ads running on a website are not random. They’re subjective to the kind of content the webpage is having. Getting ads on a website is also determined by lots of factors. The popular a site becomes, so the traffic is increasing, bringing you a little fortune.

Google Blogger

Google Blogger, or Blogspot, is a blog service developed by Google that has the provision of income through different monetization methods by the company. The service resembles YouTube a little bit when it comes to creating different content and trying to gather as many subscribers as possible. For instance, adding content regularly might turn your page into a wide reader-base, and you can allow Google to run ads.

In short, these are the best 3 methods to make money online with Google. Keep in mind that each one of them needs time and work.



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