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Top 3 Sonos Alternatives In 2020 At Discount Prices

If you want a wireless multi-room speaker system in your home, you don’t necessarily have to buy a Sonos.

Sonos indeed builds tempting devices, and they reign supreme in the multi-room market.

Sonos speakers pack many features, including unrivaled support of streaming services, voice assistants, and iOS. Also, Sonos speakers sound outstanding.

However, if Sonos speakers are out of your budget or you don’t like them for a particular reason, we are going to present you three alternatives to it:

Audio Pro

Audio Pro is new in the multi-room speaker market, but the Swedish company’s wireless speakers are a serious alternative to Sonos. They have picked up lots of awards during their lifespan.

It is worth mentioning that Audio Pro speakers look simple but stylish.

Experts believe that Audio Pro speakers are the best Sonos alternative for price and performance.

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s multi-room-compatible Echo lineup are a decent alternative to Sonos.

Most Amazon Echo devices are all significantly cheaper than the entry-level products from Audio Pro or Sonos.

If you want a prominent speaker to blast sound around your home, you can go for the Amazon Echo Studio.

Amazon Echo speakers now support Spotify and other popular music streaming services across multi-room, which makes them more than suitable as a Sonos alternative.


Bluesound speakers are a viable alternative to Sonos with an improved BluOS app that makes daily use extremely accessible.

However, their pricing is not exactly economical when you compare them with smart speakers from Amazon.

Some say that Bluesound speakers are a bit overrated, but you can’t know for sure until you hear them live.

One thing is sure – they are the top competition to Sonos in the matter of build quality and sound quality.



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