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Top 5 Female Superstars of the WWE in 2019

This year can be demarcated as the year of women in WWE. The women have attained impressive results, reaching some remarkable accomplishments. Irrelevant to the type of the matches, they have been limitless this year in every form by giving a tight competition to the male Superstars as well.

Earlier this year, the Women’s Tag Team Titles were presented, and Sasha Banks and Bayley won the title. Even so, the most significant achievement was managed at WrestleMania 25, where three women had the main act in the show for the first time ever in WWE. A few female Superstars have made themselves noticeable from the crowd, and here are five of the best.

Top 5 Female Superstars of the WWE in 2019

Lacey Evans

Debuting earlier in 2019 at Royal Rumble, Lacey Evans made a forceful statement, lasting 29 minutes in the fight and phasing out the two members of the Ilconics. Later on, she had some fantastic matches, which helped to make a name for herself in the division. Even though Evans did not win a title in her first year as he main roster, she has been reserved as a crown star of the women’s division. ​


When 2019 started, Asuka ​was the SmackDown Women’s Champion. She will end this year as the Women’s Tag Team champion; therefore, the fighter has had a good year so far, but considering the standards she set on NXT, she might not have measured up to them this year.

Asuka won the most wanted women’s title of the Blue Brand and remained champion after winning against Becky Lynch at royal Rumble. Unluckily, she lost it to Charlotte Flair before WrestleMania 35, but ultimately found her tag team partner in Kairi Sane, and won the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair has been a forerunner of the women’s division after debuting a few years ago as the main roster. Getting the SmackDown Women’s Championship for the third time in 2019, Charlotte has had a great year, although her title reigns did not last long.​

Charlotte Flair has been a pioneer of the women’s division after making her main roster debut a few years ago. Winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship thrice this year, Charlotte has had a fantastic year, even though her title reigns didn’t last long. Besides grabbing the gold, she has also achieved other momentous feats this year.

Charlotte is at the moment in RAW, and she has also been in the Women’s Tag Team Championship scenario for a bit. With Royal Rumble approaching, Charlotte will be prone to win it for the first time.


Bayley is the current SmackDown Champion, and it definitely shows how she has evolved in the last year and got to the top of the scale in women’s division. Obviously, Bayley has had the best year of her career after debuting in the main roster.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch definitely deserves to be at the top of this list. Even though Lynch is clearly the top female Superstar of the year, it would be somewhat realistic to call her the Superstar of the year, irrelevant of gender.

Lynch made an incredible statement at WrestleMania 35, winning the RAW Women’s Championship and also the SmackDown Women’s Championship titles in the main event. She has become the longest-reigning RAW Women’s Champion, overthrowing Ronda Rousey. With a great year, Lynch also became the first female to be on the cover of WWE 2K20, the video game of WWE.



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