Top 5 Texture Packs for Minecraft

Minecraft assures the players countless hours of gameplay, but it becomes even more fun if you install different textures. The game is among the best selling games of all time, even though it doesn’t have mind-blowing graphics like most titles nowadays.

Installing texture packs for Minecraft will increase the graphics, and therefore add a significant amount of realism to the game. Let’s see our list of the best texture packs for the legendary Minecraft:


This one completely replaces all the default textures. It adds attractive detail appearances, and that improves the design a lot. The texture brings subtle 3D improvements, and it has also Mod Support. More precisely: 62 mods, easy to use GUI, also easy to read Font and it also features early snapshot support.


As you might have already guessed, this texture pack combines elements from both Minecraft and Zelda games. ZeldaCraft allows players to gain access to a new Resource pack, Updated Reskined Mobs, New Sounds, Music from Zelda, Reskined UI, and Animated textures.

The texture pack gives you a separate game mode inside the same one you are playing. Simply by choosing the Legend of Zelda option, you receive better graphics based on the story.

Mine Wars

Sounds pretty familiar, right? If you’re a fan of the famous Star Wars series, this pack is clearly for you. It provides a darker, 16×16 pack made by several other Star Wars texture packs. It has plenty of Star Wars-related features like lightsabers and everything you can easily imagine.

LB Photo Realism Reload

This one features a realistic photo as a resource pack based on the work of Scuttles (LB Photo Realism). It’s practically Minecraft gone ultra graphics style. The main purpose of this texture pack is to make the legendary game to look as realistic as possible. But we have to admit that it also looks attractive to players.

Glimmars Steampunk

This Texture Mod includes animated mobs, villagers and paintings. The player also gets to enjoy beautiful animations of daytime, and the night sky seems very real. Other features include animated guns, richer colors, and also beautiful and animated lighting.

These are the best Minecraft texture packs in our honest opinion. Feel free to explore them by yourself!

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