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Top Candy Crush Saga Alternatives Available to Play

Candy Crush Saga is developed by “King” It’s one of the most popular games of the match-3 genre.

Everybody knows how Candy Crush Saga works and looks. Today we are going to talk about alternatives to it since many gamers took notice of the company’s heavily money-oriented gameplay derived from the “freemium” model.


Chuzzle is a free to play Match-3 and Puzzle game created by Raptisoft Games and published by PopCap Games.

The game features a 6*6 board full of colored balls known as Chuzzles, and the main goal is to remove existing Chuzzles to allow new ones to drop into the empty area of the board, much like Tetris.

Chuzzle is a very colorful game, and you should consider giving it a shot!

Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3 is also a Match-3, Puzzle, and Single-player / Multi-Player game published by PopCap Games.

It is the fifth entry to the Bejeweled saga that was released on 7 December 2010 for various platforms.

Bejeweled 3 features a multitude of new modes, soundtracks, improved visuals, and various new features that boost the experience.

The target of Bejeweled 3 is to swap gems with adjacent ones to combine a chain of three or more of the same color, similarly to Candy Crush.

Jewel Quest: Seven Seas

Jewel Quest: Seven Seas is an adventure-packed, Single-Player mobile game. It is a new installment to the Jewel Quest saga that packs improved gameplay and a captivating storyline – Emma and Rupert are back to solve a new mystery after receiving an enticing message from Hani, a friend who is in danger.

The player must work fast and solve a range of puzzles to save his friends.

The gameplay is like you’d expect from a match-3 game, but the extra storyline makes the experience feel less repetitive.



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