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Top Clash Of Clans Base Layouts Tutorial – Protecting Precious Assets

When it comes to Clash of Clans combat, your base’s layout is critical for your survival chances. Suppose you can stop opponents from taking stars, either reaching 50% of village destruction or demolishing your Town Hall. In that case, you should be able to get the top leagues of the game, gaining access to increasingly better rewards for conquering opponents.

There is no generic recipe for a perfect base layout, but we are here to present you some useful guidelines:

Protecting Precious Assets

Building a base to protect all of your items every time is not a reliable strategy.

If you have recently upgraded your town hall and are working towards improving, you will need many resources to upgrade away.

More than that, you will encounter players in higher Townhall levels with stronger troops, which means that saving trophies will become a struggle.

At that point, exposing your town hall so that players can take it without making it easy to take your resources is recommended.

That will grant you a time windows of over 12 hours to keep gold and elixir intact.

However, if you are nearing a complete upgrade, start spreading resource collectors and storage containers out. Make sure that you use them as padding for your hall. That will improve the chances of regaining lost trophies.

Build Order

The order in which you upgrade your base as you progress through the game is crucial, as it should be according to what you are focussing your efforts on.

Protection costs, but if stepping up the league is your target, you’ll have to invest in your defenses seriously.

Defending your base becomes more demanding upon completing a town hall level up, as you become vulnerable to players who can be up to two upgrades above what you have.

Getting overwhelmed is simple. Surviving is tough!



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