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Top Four Best Horror Games of 2019

Fans of the horror games all have a favorite. Today, we’re looking back at the most rated and watched horror games of this year. The first mention is a somewhat decent title, followed by two great runners-up, and, finally, the winner.

Best Horror Games of 2019

Honorable Mention – Blair Witch

When it launched, back in August, Blair Witch has quite surprised gamers. Even though some said it didn’t have that many scary elements, the atmospheric wander through the inconsistent Black Hills forest, the grim story, and the camcorder puzzles were greatly enjoyed.

The merging of these aspects is what makes the game a more exciting, adventurous, and unnerving experience as you step through a forest in search of a missing child named Peter Shannon.

The forest is a mutant maze that continues to throw something interesting at you when you least expect. The camcorder puzzles are also providing a lot of variety for the gameplay. Merge these elements in a confusing story with numerous endings promising multiple playthroughs, and the six-hour adventure through the dark forest may be one of the scarier you’ll probably encounter.

Second Runner-Up – Control

Even though Control doesn’t abound with the blood and horror you might expect from a common game of this category; the developers have designed a beautiful and exciting world that can get extremely gore.

Irrelevant to the fact you are exploring the deserted hallways of Oldest House or the bizarre motel, the graphic effects and music create a universe that can be quite disturbing. Combine that to the perilous and enigmatic enemies and Control has numerous elements a horror game provides.

First Runner-Up – Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2 is not the top scariest horror game out there, but it provides players an immersing experience that rummages the mental pressure of being an actor. Moreover, it is a great critical test for players taking an interest in horror games but are not yet trying them out.

The game does an excellent job of putting gamers on edge with gore visuals and binaural audio. It also uses automatonophobia (fear of mannequins)​, the age-old unstable narrator imagery, and shifting hallways to provide players an experience where they cannot trust their eyes or the environment.

Layers of Fear 2 also offers an efficient, irregular narrative with endings that entirely re-locate its events, as well as happenings from the first Layers of Fear sequel, and promises multiple endings.

This particular game is a great entry point for players interested in horror games and wants to test the waters before submerging in.

Winner – Resident Evil 2 Remake

Just revamping and redesigning an old game and changing the camera perspective might have sounded impressive at first, but no matter if you liked the original game or not, it is indisputable that its clumsy tank controls, heavy item management, and fixed camera perspectives were a significant part of what made the game such a gore experience. These elements made you feel incredibly vulnerable and exposed.

However, the great thing about Resident Evil 2: Remake is that it modernizes the game without getting rid of the essence of that agonizing and aggressive survival terrorizing experience of the original. 

Moreover, the added content, the redesigned puzzles, the enhanced boss combats, and everything else that makes Resident Evil 2: Remake a much more interesting than a returned recall. That is the distinct Resident Evil 2 experience, and it is also the best horror game of this year.



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