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Top Three Anti-Malware Programs for Safety in 2020

Computer viruses are not the only things that can affect your experience. Every time you go online, there is a risk to contact adware, scamware, scareware, ransomware, or even worse – personal data theft!

If you are experiencing such problems, here are the top three antiviruses (or rather multi-purpose) programs for your computer:

Norton Power Eraser By Symantec

Norton Power Eraser By Symantec Anti-Malware Programs

The Power Eraser is a free utility from Norton, one of the top trusted brands in the field of computer security.

Their tool is capable of eliminating any malware, adware, etc. which is otherwise undetectable by regular antivirus programs.

It can also remove scam-ware from your computer, as they advertise it on their website. It can be helpful if you keep receiving Pop up ads that keep asking you if your computer is not secure or other types of Scam or ransomware threats.

The Power Eraser is oriented towards combating scam-ware.

It is so aggressive that it sometimes removes legitimate apps, but there is an option to restore them to their initial state.

Malicious Software Removal Tool By Microsoft

Malicious Software Removal Tool By Microsoft Anti-Malware Programs

Not many people know about the existence of Microsoft’s WindowsMalicious Software Removal Tool, which is fantastic against popular/known malware. It is otherwise useless for unknown threats.

It doesn’t feature behavioral-based protection, but it receives monthly updates that improve its efficiency.

According to Microsoft, it does not cover full-time protection as it is only an infection removal program.


Malwarebytes is famous for its performance, and it is also free! You can download it at any time to detect and remove malware from your computer.

It offers a paid version that provides real-time protection. In that mode, it works in the background and prevents malware from infecting your computer.

It is compatible with most antivirus software and can be used as an add-on to a regular antivirus.



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