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Top Three Lightweight Browsers to Use on Mac in 2020

Lightweight web browsers are extremely common nowadays due to their speed, little use of assets, and great safety features. We tested some of the most popular lightweight search engines for Apple‘s Mac devices and came up with three best options for 2020 for you to choose from.

Because Mac ships with the built-in Safari browser, most people don’t take into consideration the option to change the browser they navigate on. Safari comes with numerous features, such as tracking prevention and fingerprinting protection, that do quite a decent job.

However, you might use a lightweight browser that doesn’t use as many resources as Safari, along with other popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox do. The use of resources can lower your device’s performance, while lightweight search engines bypass this issue and still offer a good handful of safety and features.

Three Best Lightweight Browsers For Mac

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon offers a fast and secure browsing experience, as it packs a ‘Private Mode’ users can employ in order to protect their privacy. The search engine also syncs between various OS platforms and offers a cloud backup that applies advanced encryption.

Maxthon Browser allows you to download videos from both Facebook and YouTube by simply moving the mouse cursor over the content and clicking on the download sign that will appear. It also features a night mode, screen capture, as well as a smart reader mode.


Vivaldi comes with everything you might expect to find in a Mac browser. It has great speed, brings a lot of features, and it is customizable: the browser even allows you to select a favorite theme and layout.

Vivaldi employs end-to-end encryption technology while transferring your data in order to keep your files safe. It also provides a private window and has an impressive bookmarking system, as well as a page capture feature that is incredibly useful for many.

However, the browser doesn’t offer an adblocker; neither does it provide a webpage translation service. It is developed from the same engine as Google Chrome, which means that it has similar flaws that can be exploited.

Still, MacUpdate has listed Vivaldi among the top safest lightweight browsers for Mac, together with Brave.


Brave is recognizable due to the face that it blocks all ads by default. The outcome? Up to six times faster page loading, compared to Google Chrome and Firefox. The browser also makes the transition between pages incredibly easy because of the import feature that takes all the previous settings and different bookmarks.

In addition, Brave blocks phishing and numerous other types of malware, but if you want to support somebody, the browser allows you to by offering a unique ad network. It also doesn’t track its users, keeping your privacy integral.

Brave is also based on Chrome’s engine, which subjects it to the same vulnerabilities Vivaldi, as well as Google‘s popular engine is exposed to. Moreover, there have been reported some compatibility problems with some websites, but overall, Brave is a great lightweight browser.

In general, there are numerous great lightweight browsers available for Mac, but it all depends on what you’re actually more interested in: more features, customization functions, or security.



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