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Top VPN’s for iPhones in 2020

Surfing the web without cyber protection these days is suicide. Malware is on the rise, and you never know when a nosy individual tries to sneak into your data or browsing history. That’s where VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) can come in handy, especially if you’ve made the mistake of relying on public WiFi networks.

To keep your iPhone secure and safe wherever you are, we’ve selected our top picks for what we believe are the best VPN’s. Let’s dive right into it:


Surshark offers unlimited device connections, and getting all your devices connected at once is completely feasible. You can connect to the VPN service your iPhone, Mac, Apple TV and others.

With Surfshark, you’re protected by an AES-256 bit encryption, protocols and kill switch like OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2. There’s no logging required when you’re online. The double VPN hop adds even more security between your data, identity, and the online world.

Using Surfshark is not too expensive, either. For $11.95, you’ll receive access for a whole month. Pay $5.99 per month and you’ll get access for a whole year, and for a fee of $1.99 per month you’ll get to be using the service for 24 months.


IPVanish works on both iPhones and iPads, and its speed is the key feature. This app connects to a safe VPN automatically, without the need of any complicated setup. Security is the stronghold of IPVanish, as it’s capable of 256-AES encryption, OpenVPN protocol, and no logging is required while using the iOS app.

IPVanish has over 1,400 anonymous VPN servers, and its developers are claiming that the app offers complete online freedom and protection. You can choose to use the service for one single month and pay $7, for a year and pay $4.55 per month, or for just 3 months and this will cost you $6.30 per each month.


ExpressVPN is perhaps the most popular VPN out there, and there’s no wonder why. Its capabilities are very generous, and its availability is spread across multiple platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, routers, and Kindle, but also manual configurations for Chromebook, Linux, wireless routers (Asus, Sabai, DD-WRT, or Tomato), and streaming media or consoles (Apple TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360).

There are 3,000+ servers across 160 locations worldwide, which means high-speed protected connections. The protection is assured by the AES 256-bit encryption over OpenVPN UDP along with split tunneling for even more security. You can enjoy your favorite video streaming websites without geo-restriction issues.

Last but not least, the customer service of ExpressVPN is an excellent source for getting help if you get stuck with the app. It works 24/7, and well-prepared staff is always eager to provide help.

You’ll have to pay $12.95 for a month of using ExpressVPN, $9.99 is the monthly fee for using the service for half a year, and $6.67 is the demanded monthly amount for using it for 15 months.


Windscribe encrypts your browsing experience, as it blocks ads, and unblocks entertainment content. The developers are claiming that their app will ‘take your browsing history to your grave’.

Windscribe is a great option if you want to get a free version of a decent VPN, and this offers you 10GB of data for each month. The full version offers you more, including an effective kill switch, video streaming unblocking for certain websites and over 110 server locations worldwide.

These are our top picks, and surely you’ll find something among them that suits your needs the most. Optionally, you can go ahead and test the apps one by one.



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