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Top Xender Alternatives to Transfer Files Between Devices

Xender is in the top most popular file-sharing applications available on the market for Android devices. The platform allows you to share files in a minute, which makes it an incredibly useful app out there.

The app is also one of the 59 platforms that have been banned in India by the government, so it might be time to try other Xender alternatives if you are currently using the app, even though you don’t live in India.

There are numerous Xender​ alternatives that can be downloaded and used for free. Below, we made a list of the best alternatives to use instead of Xender.

Files by Google

​As the name suggests, the application has been created by Google. Files by Google is easy to use and enables users to transfer files, delete junk items, remove duplicate files, and much more.

You can download Files by Google from the Google Play Store here.


SuperBeam​ is a great Xender alternative as is allows users to share files, photos, applications, and more with ease on other devices, making use of Wi-Fi Direct. you can pair with the other device using NFC or QR codes as well.

To download SuperBeam, you can either go to Google Play Store here or the App Store here.


This app is part of Reliance Jio’s suite of applications; it offers an ad-free experience, which is a feature not many apps provide for its users. JioSwitch​ allows you to share files with other devices offline by using Wi-Fi Direct, as well as across platforms, meaning you can share items from and Android device to an iOS device.

You can download JioSwitch from the Google Play Store here and the App Store here.


ShareAll​ has a neat and easy-to-use interface, while also very small in size. The app allows users to quickly transfer files, images, apps, and more items to other devices. It doesn’t have any other features and only supports file sharing, but if that is all you need, ShareAll​ is perfect for you.

Download ShareAll from the Google Play Store here.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere​ is another simple and easy-to-use file-sharing application that allows the transfer of files, applications, photos, and other items using Wi-Fi Direct. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, which is a great function for such an app.

To download Send Anywhere, you can go to the Google Play Store here and the App Store here.

Do you have any other favorite file-sharing apps you prefer to use instead of Xender? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.



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