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Top Xender And Shareit Alternatives

Xender and Shareit were two of the most popular file transfer apps included in the 59 Chinese apps recently banned in India.

Shareit and Xender gained their popularity thanks to their ability to transfer files within seconds.

The two apps were banned over security and privacy concerns.

It’s sad to see the pair go, but we have to adapt.

Thankfully, we are here with a list of alternatives!

Unfortunately, Apple went further and banned alternatives to those apps.

Here are our top picks:


Dropbox is one of the most reliable cloud storage services. It offers affordable and convenient subscription plans cheaper than Google Drive does.

Dropbox lets you say goodbye to all the data that uses storage space on your device by sending it to the cloud, where it safely waits for you to open it again.

One of the best advantages of Dropbox is that it’s cheaper than Google Drive.


CShare is a popular service that aims to improve the client experience.

Users can move telephone mail lists, MMS, SMS, video, music, and information applications in seconds.

With CShare, you can quickly move any record between devices (including PC) with the designated apps.

CShare is a cross-platform app for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows.


JioSwitch is a fast and easy way of sending data between smartphones.

The app quickly labels documents on each device and allows users to pick various records before sending them, while also displaying the exchange time with a neat gauge.

JioSwitch allows users to send files between Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, JioSwitch doesn’t support file transfer between smartphones and computers.


Zapya registered about half a billion clients across the globe.

It is one of the quickest apps for cross-stage data transfer.

Zapya works on smartphones,iPhones, Android tablets, iPads, Windows Phones, Tizen, Mac PCs, and Tizen.

The app is free and available on the Play Store and App Store. The app is extremely flexible, so you will likely find it useful for your data-transferring needs.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere can transfer all sorts of files without affecting quality. Users only have to get a one-time 6-digit key for quick exchange.

Send Anywhere is based on Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files, which means that your web information might be safer overall.

There is an option to share data with PC too. Also, users can share data via QR codes.

These are the apps that you should consider using instead of Xender and Shareit. Each of them is advantageous in its way, so we recommend that you give each of them a try and see which fits your needs best.



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