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UC Browser Update Removes the ‘My Video’ Section

UC Browser is one of the most popular web and mobile device browsers in the world. Millions of people love it because it is incredibly fast and offers a simple and minimalist design for an enhanced experience in a world that covers internauts in all types of unneeded stuff.

The browser doesn’t offer news streams or push messages, and it provides users with an overall better browsing experience than most other platforms on the market.

UC Browser’s Key Features

• Upgraded Web Browsing Experience – The most recent version of the platform utilizes the company’s U4 engine that allows 20 percent enhancement in web connection, standard support, video watching, personal data security, stability, and storage management
• Small Window Mode – The browser’s small window mode allows the video window to be taken out of the webpage, and kept on the screen top, enabling you do other activities on the mobile device, such as online shopping, or chatting with friends
• Fast Downloads – UC Browser’s servers accelerate and stabilize all the downloads. If there are any disconnections or interruptions, the browser is able to continue the download process from the breakpoint
• Data Saving – The platform pressures data, accelerated navigation and helps you save a good amount of cellular data traffic
• Ad Block – The ad block feature restricts various forms of ads that impact your browsing experience. If helps you navigate web pages ad-free on Android-powered devices, blocking pop-up banner ads
• Facebook Mode – This unique functionality accelerates Facebook irrelevant of the condition of the network you are using
• Night Mode – Obviously, there is a nigh mode as well, which helps you navigate more comfortably at night

UC Browser Update

The latest roll-out, UC Browser update, comes with a couple of new additions and performance enhancements. The new update shows notes and the download button after a download process experienced interruptions or failed. Moreover, it added the Bookmarks and History entries to the menu bar, while the My Video category was removed.



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