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UC Browser, or How to Make Your Life Easier With These Tips and Tricks

UC Browser has a lot of features we can all enjoy. Today, we want to give you the best tips and tricks in order to make the best out of the browser.  

We are sure you know the basic stuff about the UC Browser. Many people believe that all the web browsers are the same. All of them need to load up pages immediately, and that’s all – they’re all the same. But not quite. Here are some helpful tips and tricks: 


The data synchronization through the cloud is what UC Browser does best. You can sync your data from one device to another if you just sign in to the UC Browser.  

The same thing happens when you import or export bookmarks from a different web browser. Chrome and Firefox do the same, but UC Browser does not need as many memory requirements as those two.  

Besides, UC Browser is better for low-end devices. And if you have a powerful computer, then it will work even better.  

The Ad Blocker 

We all know how annoying ads are on the Internet, especially those ads that cover most of your screen – they’re just irritating. UC Browser is here to help you.  

We know that blocking ads on web browser is not really a good thing for the owners of the website and the publishers. Well, we also believe that they should work on them and that the ads should be less annoying. But people started to find their own ways to fix the problem, and that’s using an ad blocker. UC Browser will block those ads, and the web page will load faster, with about 60%. And if you have limited data, that value will save a lot. This happens due to the fact that the UC Browser will only have to download and load up the web page with the text and the images and not with the ads, as well. 

Find in Page

If you’re looking for specific information on the Internet, there’s a feature in the UC Browser that’s called Find in Page. So if you’re looking for keywords or particular paragraphs that mention a word that you’re looking for, you just need to go to the menu and click on Find in Page, and then type the word that you want to find. 

Screenshots are not a problem anymore

With most of the web browsers out there, you can only take a screenshot of a part of the page which appears on the screen. However, UC Browser will help you more. You can take a screenshot of the entire page, and it doesn’t matter how long it is. You won’t have to merge multiple images just to read the whole page. You’ll find this feature on the menu.  

They have also introduced a new feature called UC Doodles, which comes together with the screenshots. You can add drawings and many other details to the screenshots by using the UC Browser. 

Night Mode is needed

We all know how accessible dark mode is with Google Chrome. However, in the UC Browser, we had that from a long time ago. You can enable the dark mode from the menu, and this is how you will basically take care of yourself. The night mode reduces the blue light, which is annoying for your eyes. After using UC Browser, you will also sleep better. 

Customization is the key

This browser comes with support for customization, even more than all the other web browsers. You can even use your personal images as the background of the web browser.  

In order to customize it, you just need to go to Settings, then pick a theme, and select any that’s available there. You can also use any image from your phone as a background image. 



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