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UC Mini Update Is Now Available With Improvements

Browsing the internet is one of the most popular activities which can be done with the help of a smartphone. The internet is filled with a large variety of browser apps that promise increased performance and reliability in exchange for downloading them but most fail to impress. UC Mini for Android is a robust browsing app that includes a large number of features while also being completely free and lightweight.

UC Mini features

  • Built-in Facebook Video Downloader – Harness the power of the excellent Facebook Video Downloader to save your favorite videos on your device with a few taps. There is no need to visit shady converter sites as UC Mini will save the video directly on your device at high-quality.
  • Faster than light – With the help of an advanced network protocol, UC Mini will load your pages faster than many of the rival browsing apps while consuming a considerably lower amount of data.
  • Smart search – The smart, quick search feature will take into account your user activity and offer personalized results for your query. Tap on a suggested topic to skip the need to enter all the words.
  • Keep your secrets – Want to visit some pages without the need to worry about the need to delete the cache and browsing history? Activate the Incognito mode and browse any sites freely as the app will not save any private data until the mode is disabled.
  • Night mode – Limit eye strain and save battery life with the help of an excellent Night mode, which can be activated easily.
  • A robust ad blocker – Avoid those pesky ads with the help of a reliable ad block solution that is effective without affecting your browsing experience.
  • Extra features – Users can also enjoy a large selection of smaller features, among which we can count a QR scanner, the My Videos section, the option to download an entire webpage and much more.

What’s new in UC Mini update?

UC Mini comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements. You can already download the app from the Google Play Store.



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