Unique Selling Points that Have Helped Online Businesses to Grow

Getting a tech business or website off the ground in the current climate is no easy matter. As well as needing the technical know-how, you need to understand marketing and promotion. Ever since the Dot Com bubble burst in 2000, firms have needed to work smarter than ever to forge their place in the digital world. Here are three examples of brands whose unique selling points have made them stand out from the crowd – and in one case, made a real difference to the world.

Pioneering online money transfer service

When two businessmen who were working between the UK and Estonia but getting paid in different currencies (one in pounds and one in euros) realised how much they were losing in currency transfers, they made a reciprocal arrangement to pay an equal amount into each other’s local bank account to avoid heavy transfer fees. They then had the idea of turning this into a global business enterprise and Transferwise was born. They later introduced the borderless bank account which gave customers account numbers in different countries and the ability to switch between currencies from within the one account. Users also receive a multi-currency debit card to use around the world.

The casino that lives up to its name

If you visit the Zodiac Casino website expecting to be able to play a range of casino and slot games, you will not be disappointed. But you might be surprised to find you can also read your horoscope, find out your lucky numbers for the week and discover which celebrities share your star sign. This novelty feature may not be ground-breaking but it certainly helps their website stand out from the crowd and plays up to their astrological name. And after reading your horoscope, you can sign up for an exclusive offer for Zodiac at BonusFinder and get 80 free spins to use on progressive jackpot slot such as Mega Moolah where there are millions of dollars up for grabs. This Canadian company had managed to find a USP in what is a very congested and competitive marketplace.

The company that puts shoes on children’s feet

Tom’s shoes is an online shoe shop that has transformed lives all over the world. When it was launched, the company pledged to match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair for a child in need. The company now gives to children in over 70 countries with tens of millions of shoes handed out since 2006. They have since expanded into eyewear, coffee and bags and helped restore eyesight, provide drinking water and offer safe birth services to citizens in some of the planets poorest regions.

TOMS” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by REL Waldman

These are just three examples of how companies have tried to use unique selling points to make an impact with their online business. If you are looking to launch an online enterprise yourself, this may have inspired you to come up with your own killer USP.

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