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US Wants to Boost Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling

A Reuters report has revealed a strategy proposed by the US government that aims to solidify the United States’ position as a leader in electric vehicles. According to government officials, part of that strategy involves boosting domestic recycling of batteries.

This Friday, the Biden administration will be tying up its 100-day review of national supply chains in key industries, like electric vehicles. Specifically, the administration is searching for solutions to help improve recycling of rare metals used to produce electric vehicle batteries and in consumer electronics.

One of the major hurdles electric vehicle producers are facing today has been with obtaining the raw materials needed to produce electric vehicle batteries. Domestic mines are subject to strict regulatory restrictions and fiery opposition from environmentalist groups.

Previously, the Biden administration revealed plans that it would lean on the production from mines in its ally countries to provide the materials required to produce electric vehicles. It is looking to enhance the recycling capabilities of domestic facilities in order to reduce the nation’s reliance on foreign minerals. A White House official said that the administration hopes to see more recycling plants open in the United States and noted the planned construction of a battery recycling plant in Mexico.

According to IHS Markit, more than 2.5 million electric vehicles were sold globally last year. That figure is predicted to leap another 70% in 2021, with year-on-year sales projected to continue to rise for the next two decades. If the United States fails to boost its recycling capabilities, 8 million tons of battery scrap will wind up in U.S. dumping grounds by 2040.

Biden is pushing for aggressive climate goals as he makes combating climate change and bolstering American competitiveness two focal points in his administration’s agenda. Democrats hope to have most U.S. car manufacturers fully electric by 2030. The end goal is to have all cars on American roads electric by 2040.

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