Use This Google Chrome Plugin to Make the Browsing Much Faster

The novel coronavirus pandemic is dreading the world, more intensely the United States and Europe now, affecting every part of our lives, even our web browsing. Google has recently stated that it was canceling the release of Google Chrome updates because of difficulties created by this crisis. We have actually expected such an announcement, considering how most companies delayed or called off major launches and events.

What we did not expect, however, was how soon updates resumed. Google has now announced that it will restart the rollout of Chrome updates, which come with a plethora of new features.

FasterChrome Extension to Speed Up the Browser

There’s one thing, though, Google doesn’t seem to consider for the moment, and that is speeding up its Chrome browser, but that is where a great free Chrome extension dubbed ‘FasterChrome’ comes in.

For those who own a website or are involved with web development, you might have heard of Instant.Page. For those not familiar, it is a script that enhances immensely page load times on websites.

This neat script exploits the fact that when a person on a desktop moves the cursor on a link, there’s a 50 percent possibility that they will click on it. With this script, the website starts loading specific elements from the new webpage in the background before the user even clicks the link. This, therefore, decreases the period it takes to load the page as soon as the link is actually clicked.

The same company has developed the FasterChrome extension, which uses the same standards to accelerate the web browsing on all pages. With the extension installed and activated, Chrome will automatically start to pre-load specific information from a page every time users hover over a link for a minimum of 65 seconds.

FasterChrome does make a significant change in browsing speed, and it is free to use. The extension can be found under the Chrome Web Store.

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