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Valorant: Makers Are Taking Measurements Against Toxic Behavior in the Game

The early patch notes for Valorant are quite the tease for fans: we have learned what to expect from the new update, which made its appearance today. Riot Games has released the schedule for the latest patch rollout. The serves will go down at different times, depending on the region. The first region to see the servers down was North America. The servers were down at 4.30am pacific time.

Fans in Europe are the last to see the patch. The patch in the US has already seen the new update, but those in Europe will get it on the 13th of May, at 2.30am BST. This is the time the servers will go down. They will get back online a few hours after, at 8am BST.

The director of the game, Joseph Ziegler, posted on Twitter that: “There will be a new patch sometime soon this week with some good fixes, additions, and changes incoming. Will update you on more details as they land.”

This release comes only a week after the Valorant team revealed that they are working on a solution against those players on the game that do not have a good behavior: “I’ll be super real here: harassment and bullying in games is not a status quo I’m comfortable accepting.”

Anna Donlon, the executive producer of Valorant, stated that we are used to keeping our mouths shut in order to keep the peace, but we are the ones who love. Our gaming experience gets ruined by these people. She then continued with the fact that she cannot solve society, but that Riot takes it very seriously. They created a team – “Central Player Dynamics” – in order to see what leads to fair team play. They have also created the Fair Play Alliance with their partners in the gaming industry.



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