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Valorant: The Team Is Working on Improving the Game

Valorant’s closed beta has ended on PC. However, soon, we’re getting a full game. Valorant has set the release date on PC for the entire game on the 2nd of JuneWe have no official release time, but if we were to take a look at the closed beta timings, it might be available at 1:00 PM BST in the UK.  Of course, the game will launch together with a huge update, which will fix the problems from the game based on the feedback they got from the people from the closed betaAs per the early patch notes. Riot will make some improvements when it comes to in-game blood and registration.  

Riot Games stated that the launch will come with fixes and improvements to many of the problems that they’ve seen reported by users, including disabled blood and hit registration that’s feeling kind of off. 

According to a recent blog post made by Riot, the company will improve the general game balance, and they might even add a new game mode. The company stated: “We heard you on issues with movement vs. walking accuracy, as well as times when it seems like enemies are swinging out and getting headshots while still appearing to be on the run. The beta has also allowed us the ability to help define what are acceptable play patterns and what aren’t – i.e. when is a play legit and ingenious vs. when is it a glitch or an exploit.” They continued with the fact that they have seen some incredible uses of the ability combos, and it all goes outside of what they think of when it comes to the integrity of the game. They are sure that they can fix the new issues arising.  



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