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Valve Canceled Steam Controller Production

In this article, we are officially saying goodbye to the Steam Controller, the gamepad, which was not always that useful, because it honestly made our hands hurt.

Valve’s Steam Controllers are on the market with $5, plus shipping, which can be expensive depending on your location. This is 90% off the original price. On the controller’s store page, there’s also a notice which stated that there is limited quantity remaining. We found out that after the current batch, Valve won’t manufacture more Steam Controllers, so we are talking about a fire sale.

If we stop to think about it, they were not that bad. We are talking about one of the most customizable controllers ever made, with a small community that created a custom configuration for every game out there. It was able to mod the controller itself and was even perfect for people with disabilities – the control schemes for them were fantastic. They were also suitable for those who did not find a match with the traditional controllers.

Valve Canceled Steam Controller Production

However, they never felt comfortable in our hands, even if they came with tremendous versatility. This controller was a fantastic experiment, and its legacy will always live in Valve’s Index VR controllers, which comes with fantastic haptic feedback.

Right now, we do not know for sure if Valve will ever make Steam Controllers ever again. Someone emailed Valve to ask if there’s a possibility for the Steam Controller 2.0, but he did not hear back from them. The company is focusing on virtual reality right now, with Half-Life: Alyx soon to hit the market.

We are so glad that we got the play with these controllers, but unfortunately, their days are numbered. Perhaps at some point, they will change their mind, but as of now, we are saying goodbye.



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