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Venus is Said to be the Only Other Planet in the Solar System with Active Volcanoes

Back in the 1990s, information from the Magellan spacecraft unveiled that Venus is a destructive world filled in volcanoes and lava floods. But until now, scientists didn’t know whether this volcanic status was old or new.

Currently, however, a new study utilizing from the Venus Express orbiter has shown that the lava floods are new. Also, such a thing could be only a few years old, which indicates that the volcanoes are active right now. The information evolved from the research of a specific Venusian mineral, olivine, which reacts to the atmosphere, and it becomes fast covered with iron oxide minerals. The researchers measured that this change would be noticeable to the Venus Express within a few years, which determines the lava floods to new periods.

Dr.Justin Filibert, the study’s primary lead author, stated: “If Venus is indeed active today, it would make a great place to visit to better understand the interiors of planets.”

Venus presents active volcanoes

Filibert added: “For example, we could study how planets cool and why the Earth and Venus have active volcanism, but Mars does not.”

Other planets in our solar system possess volcanoes, but they’re not active, such as Earth has. On Mars, on the other hand, researchers think that there could be liquid water situated under the planet’s polar ice layer – and some have start disputes that such a thing means there should be a beneath source of heat.

However, other cosmic features, such as dwarf planers, display volcanic activity, as well. On Pluto, for example, ice volcanoes, dubbed cryovolcanoes, might have erupted and extended liquid water everywhere on its ground. Such a thing could also make the planet frozen. A spacecraft had also noticed white parts on the dwarf planet Ceres which are believed to be proof of ancient ice volcanoes.



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