Virologists Are Close To Solve The Mystery Of The New Coronavirus and COVID-19

Researchers have recently discovered that the deadly COVID-19 has been formed when two different viruses have infected a host, at the same time, and, after that, it was spread to humans, reported ExpressUK. The starting point of the current pandemic is in China, and it all began in December 2019.

Various theories regarding the leading cause of this virus have been spread all over the world since then. It was first thought that the virus had its origins in bats, and after that, it spread to humans. After that, public opinion felt that the core in Wuhan wet market. At the moment, there is one thing we know for sure: there is no concrete evidence yet to support any theory.

Experts are close to unraveling the mystery behind coronavirus and COVID-19

What is currently alarming is that more and more people are currently getting sick every day. At this point, researchers are desperately trying to understand the COVID-19’s origin because this may be the starting point for creating a cure. Scientific articles are being posted each and every day. However, there are still blind spots, and this is why analysts cannot determine a viable solution.

A newly rising theory that is now being promoted is the work of Alexandre Hassanin. His research shows that there are multiple similarities between COVID-19 and SARS-CoV, the virus which spread, indeed on a lower scale, back at the beginning of the year 2000.

Additionally, the researcher claims that coronavirus bears a resemblance to other viruses found in pangolins and bats. In the pangolins species, the researcher has found a 99 percent similarity, while for bat species, there is a sameness of 77 percent.

Hassain concludes by stating the fact that, in his opinion, the COVID-19 is the result of combining two different pre-existing viruses. Nonetheless, the question that remains unanswered is: Which was the host body, and how did the virus reach to humans?

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