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VPN by Private Internet Access Update Launched With Improvements

In the past, VPNs were premiere services restricted to enterprise customers who could afford to pay hefty licenses and support to a handful of companies. This is no longer the case, as many modern VPN solutions are available at an affordable price and offer an impressive suite of excellent features.

VPN by Private Internet Access is an excellent app that offers access to a rich assortment of boons and features that make it a reliable choice for many users who browse the internet on their Android devices.

The app was developed from the ground up to offer a high-security experience. IP Cloaking will convert the IP of your device into one that is offered by the VPN network, keeping your exact location and identity a secret. As a new IP is assigned, your old traces will vanish, and hackers will not be able to observe your activities and intercept traffic to collect valuable information.

A new update was launched for VPN by Private Internet Access

Recent breakthroughs have allowed malevolent entities to decrypt WPA and WPA2 passwords, gaining access to many Wi-Fi routers that appear to be secure at first sight. VPN by PIA will ensure that your device is secured even when it is connected to a public Wi-Fi network, which can be encountered in hotels, restaurants, or airports.

All the data that is sent or received on your device will be encrypted automatically with the help of advanced algorithms. Even is someone who manages to intercept a portion, the decryption process can take a long while, which renders the information unattractive in the long run.

Users can also access certain websites and platforms which have been banned in select countries for one reason or another. Access your favorite content from everywhere across the world without problems. A built-in kill switch will block your connection if the VPN is affected by a problem. The new VPN by Private Internet Access 3.5.0 update comes with the new Quick Connect and Usage features.




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