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Water on Mars: New Study Identified Complex River System on the Red Planet

In recent years Mars has become an important focus for many space agencies and private companies across all over the world, as the Red Planet may play an important role in the goal to colonize other planets.

Several studies have strived to learn more information about the planet, inclusive of the weather conditions and the amount of water that could be found in the past. A mixed them of researchers from the UK and the Netherlands have published a new study that argues that water existed on Mars for thousands of years.

Satellite imagery provided by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter infers that large riverways eroded the surface of the planet, and it is likely that an amount of water similar to that which is present on Earth could be found on Mars more than 3.7 billion years ago.

New research showed evidence of complex rivers system and water on Mars

The team of scientists based their research on high-resolution images that were captured by the High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, a tool which is mounted on the MRO. Surprising details that are present in the images showcased a cliff face that was formed by water erosion more than four billion years ago.

One of the researchers who contributed to the study has stated that the new information is an essential part of the puzzle related to the potential presence of the ancient life of Mars, by showing where life could have thrived as the water was present. A significant amount of attention was paid to the Hellas Crater, which is the largest known impact crater within the solar system.

Hellas is located in the southern hemisphere and has been observed in the past. The researchers have observed a thick stack of layered rocks within the walls of a cliff, which was created by running water on Mars. The study has been published in a scientific journal.



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