We Finally Know How to Decipher the Eridian Writing in Borderlands 3

If you’ve been playing Borderlands 3 for a while, then you know that there are some slabs that are carved in Eridian in some of the regions encountered throughout the game. You are probably asking yourself what these slabs mean. We are here to help you. It’s not easy to translate those slabs, and you cannot decipher them in the first 18 chapters of the game, which is a bummer. You will need to wait until the 19th chapter, The Great Vault.  In this one, you can steal an Edirian Analyzer in order to interpret them.

How can I translate these slabs?

In the 19th chapter, first, you will have to fight and defeat the boss in order to get the Eridian Analyzer. This one is the only instrument in the entire game that you can use to decipher this weird language. It converts the writing into Echo Logs.

You will need to go near to any Eridian slab, and the game will show you which button you need to press on your screen. You will need to press it and then allow it to do its job.

If you decipher every Eridian slab, you will get 25 Eridian, which you can use to buy some certain weapons in Sanctuary.

These are all of the locations in which you’ll find the slabs in the Eridian language

In Pandora, there’s The Droughts, Ascension Bluff, Splinterlands, Carnivora, Konrad’s Hold, Guts of Carnivora, Cathedral of the Twin Gods, Devil’s Razor and Destroyer’s Rift.

In Promethea, there’s Skywell-27, Lectra City, Meridian Outskirts and Meridian Metroplex, Atlas HQ, and Neon Arterial.

In Eden-6, there’s Floodmoor Basin, Jakob’s Estate, The Anvil, Voracious Canopy, Ambermire, and Blackbarrel Cellars.

In Nekrotafyea, there’s Tazendeer Ruins, Desolation’s Edge, and The Pyre of Stars.

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