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We Have the Worst Passwords of This Year — Find out Which One Is the Worst

When people usually choose a password, they choose one that’s strong and hard to guess. Well, some people do. Others simply write an easy password, such as 1234.

This year, more than 5 million passwords were leaked online. And boy, they are the worst ones out there. Did you know that “qwerty” is the third most used password? Of course, there’s also “qwertyuiop.” And because we all know how popular Game of Thrones was – still is – another popular password is “dragon.” And let’s not forget about “1q2w3e4r”, because why not? It’s not easy to guess at all.

“donald” is also on this list – in the first 25 of them. In the top 50, we can also find “biteme.” Elegant.

There’s a list of passwords that get leaked every year. They are doing this so that people will start choosing stronger and harder passwords. SplashData CEO Morgan Slain stated in a statement that this list might actually be useful and that people probably started to learn their lessons. It worked in the long run, and people began to choose stronger passwords since the first list was leaked to the internet. These days, it’s so easy for hackers to find out our passwords.

You might want to use a password manager, which generated random strings, and which makes sure that the same credentials aren’t reused on multiple websites.

The easiest password there is – yup, you guess right – “123456”. Then, there’s “123456789”, followed by 987654321. On this list, there’s also “password.” Then, “iloveyou” and “111111”. We simply cannot forget about “abc123” and “admin.” Other interesting choices are “lovely” and “welcome,” “princess” and “password1”. Other passwords consist of one number written multiple times, such as “777777” or “888888”, or names, such as “michael,” “liverpool” or “charlie.”

But the “best” one so far? “nothing”





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