We Won’t Get a New Battlefield Next Year. When Will the Game Be Released?

Sad news for Battlefield fans – EA has confirmed that there would be no new game released next year, in 2020. The game is set to hit the market in the company’s 2022 fiscal year.

Battlefield 5

In its official review, IGN gave Battlefield 5 a 7.5 out of 10 score. Apparently, there are some technical issues and some gaps in the content, which disappointed some people. Ever since that happened, EA and DICE have both tried to address these problems, but people have started to lose interest in the multiplayer mode, including the battle royale duos mode. The community of Battlefield 5 was confused about the roadmap which included some mistakes, as well.

The developer DICE has recently talked about Battlefield 5, which was released a year ago, but with no new game this year, fans have started wondering if Battlefield might hit the market in 2020.

But during the Q2 Fiscal 2020 earnings, EA has confirmed that they won’t release a new Battlefield game until its 2022 fiscal year. This was also noted by Niko Partners’ games industry analyst named Daniel Ahmad. This means that the next game will be here between April 2021 and the end of March 2022.

Apex Legends is the one thriving right now

In a tweet, Apex Legends said that the game has hit 70 million players all around the globe and that they are thankful for all the support they get from their fans.

Since Battlefield is not here, the developer Respawn Entertainment and its game Apex Legends will be EA’s primary shooter. We’ve also heard that the publisher wants to expand the free battle royale game, which was released earlier this year and already has over 70 million players all around the globe. They want to get the game for mobile and other platforms, besides PS4, Xbox One, and PC. the company also wants to release the game in China, too, and in the e-sports scene.



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