What Happens If iPhone Gets Rid of Its Lightning Port?

We have recently heard that Apple will get rid of its Lightning port on the iPhone. But it won’t replace it with something else, it will just make it disappear. Some were fond of this idea, some did not like it at all.

Some years ago, Apple got rid of its 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7, and people were not happy. They said that the jack was old, outdated and didn’t help much and that their own Lightning port could do better.

It did make it water resistance better. Almost all ports are sealed these days, and you are supposed to dry them off before you plug it in anything electric, and most people don’t do that. So, naturally, it degrades in time.

Then we heard that the Home Button was replaced that year. They got a Taptic response that only made it feel like it was clicking.

We all thought that Apple will switch to USB-C, but that didn’t happen. It seems that we’re going wireless.

So how about charging?

If Apple gets rid of the Lightning Port, we will still have to charge our phones somehow. Wireless. Apple has introduced their version with iPhone 8, and iPhone X. Qi chargers are standard now, but are we happy with this change? They are bigger, and there is no cable whatsoever, but some kind of puck that you need to stick your phone on top of. But if you’re trying to use your phone while charging it, you might have a problem, because it makes it harder to do so. Are they efficient? Not really. They do not transfer power as well and, in time, it might damage the battery life.

It is not perfect, but it does its job

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