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What Is “Text Neck” and How to Improve the Symptoms

Simon Paige, a personal trainer and stretch therapist, explained the concept of text neck, and how to treat and prevent it.

About the text neck condition

We know that texting is the most common method of communication, but it’s also a significant source of both back and neck pain. This is what is called “text neck.” It happens to more and more people. he stated that he was working with clients with cathartic posture and neck issues.

He sees everyday people hunched over their phones, especially when they’re on their way home or work. Everyone is on their phone, their heads are forward, and their posture is down. This causes a change in shape.

Back pain, headaches, neck pain, and a curved posture are some problems caused by “text neck” – it’s really the awkward position that your body has when you’re using your phone. There are multiple stretches, like aligning your spine or placing your body in a table-top position, which can improve the symptoms of text neck.

Text neck is all about the lousy posture we have when we’re looking at our devices

There are so many people with shoulder pain and neck pain, and it’s all because of a bad posture, the one they have when they’re using their devices – tablets, and smartphones. This comes from chiropractor Katherine Tibor.

When you’re looking at your smartphone, your head is bowed over, which results in a tightness in shoulders and at the back of your neck. Most people would go for stiffness or toughness, or simply an ache they have. Some people feel the pain in their shoulders and arms. This posture can create a sore upper and lower back. Text neck quite dangerous for us and our health.

On the other hand, there’s also a psychological approach to this situation, because it’s more than obvious that you cannot get to such a physical problem by only spending a few minutes a day on your phone – this takes hours, and it might hint to another issue which involves tech addiction.

Problems regarding addiction of any kind, require professional assistance, such as the therapists detailed here. There are many skilled therapists who can help people overcome addiction. As you can see, the issue of bad posture is not only a physical problem, but it may also be related to a mental level.



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