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What is The Best Alternative to Google Play Store? Here’s Our Proposal

If you also feel the need to get your apps from other sources besides the Play Store, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Although Google’s marketplace for Android devices is very generous with apps, e-books, games, wallpapers, music, and so on, you may sometimes want to try something else.

Our votes go to APKMirror, as it’s both safe and efficient. Many specialists are boosting about its trusted security, and that’s the first thing you should have in mind when searching for an online marketplace.

Downloading from APKMirror

When you’re decided to get apps and other pieces of software from APKMirror, you first have to download the marketplace itself. You can do so by either going to its official website or by searching for it within the Play Store. Once the APKMirror app is installed, you are free to access it and search for other desired apps.

Why choose APKMirror?

There are several reasons why you should choose APKMirror. For instance, this marketplace sideloads popular apps that may not be otherwise available for your country. You can also download updates for popular apps that are still rolling out and that are not already available.

APKMirror also provides an archive of popular apps along with relevant descriptions. You can take advantage of this by rolling back to an earlier version if a new one malfunctions. You can also use the archive for comparing changes between the newer and older updates.

Let’s not also overlook the fact that Google sometimes removes apps from its Play Store due to reasons like the presence of malware, violation of privacy policies, and so on. You might fully want one of the apps that was taken down, even at your own risk. APKMirror can provide that app for you sometimes.

Are you already eager to try out APKMirror?

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