What Plans Does Apple Have With Its Laptops?

Apple wants to switch to its macOS hardware and forget about Intel and ARM processors. The company is expected to accelerate this process with brand new tools and even a roadmap for developers. This means that they are also getting developers to switch over, but we have a more important question. How can the company get people to buy radical ARM-powered laptops?

The MacBook design has been kept low for about ten years. Laptops nowadays are thinner and lighter, and they don’t really change the designs or the features. There was a change: they removed the physical function keys and then replaced them with the Touch Bar. This one was launched in 2016, and it promised a second display and a first touch-sensitive display, available from MacOS. But that didn’t happen, and fans were not happy.

The recent updates to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have seen plenty of responses about the features and the hardware. But there were no words about the keyboard. They replaced the keyboard with a ‘Magic’ keyboard, which was a welcomed step towards better 2020 laptops. But Apple cannot keep escaping reality with this card.

The most intriguing thing about selling an ARM-powered MacBook is that you cannot really rely on the processor, so sell it out. This goal of Apple with this move is to make it as invisible as they can. The apps should all work on all the models on MacBook. The same goes for the user interface.

The move to the 14-inch screen that came with the MacBook Pro was not that good. The screen did not look good for a premium laptop. And back in 2019, we have all seen the laptop moving from 15 inches to 16 inches. So what was Apple thinking? Truth be told, ARM cannot sell the laptops, and we are waiting to see the company’s next move.

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