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WhatsApp has Registered More Than Five Billion Downloads

WhatsApp, the most used messaging apps in the world, has now reached an outstanding five billion downloads. The app is owned by Facebook, and this new rank makes it only the second application that is not created by Google to achieve this milestone.

As it happens with the majority of Android apps that get to register massive amounts of installs, this number does include downloads from Google’s Play Store. It, in fact, also includes pre-installed copies, like the ones Samsung and Huawei have packed in some of their smartphones in the past, Android Police said.

As per Statista, the app is the most popular global mobile chatting platform, registering more than 1.6 billion active users per month, overthrowing Facebook Messenger by 1.3 billion users, and WeChat by 1.1 billion users last year alone. After Facebook and YouTube, WhatsApp the third most used social network all over the world.

The Market is Owned by Facebook

When it comes to Google Play Store downloads, South Korea has registered the fastest-growing WhatsApp market, with downloads surpassing 56 percent in 2019 alone. On another note, Google has, for the first time in five years, dethroned Facebook as the top publisher of mobile applications.

In the last quarter of the past year, Google accumulated approximately 850 million downloads, in comparison to Facebook’s 800 million, an analytical report from the Sensor Tower company has unveiled not long ago. When it comes, however, to annual downloads, Google is behind Facebook.

Even though Google registered almost 2.3 billion downloads in the last 12 months, Facebook has gained approximately 3 billion more. Facebook now owns four of the five most downloaded applications in the world. These include WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, obviously, and Facebook Messenger.

TikTok, a video sharing application owned by ByteDance, was the second most-downloaded app in the world back in 2019.



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