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WhatsApp: This Hidden Feature Is Precisely What You Need to Find out More About Yourself

Not many people know that WhatsApp has a hidden feature: it lets you see how many text messages, stickers, and GIF’s you’ve sent to your contacts. We’re here to tell you how to get to that hidden feature.

You’re probably asking yourself who’s the person you spend most time chatting with. WhatsApp can help you with that. Just go to the Settings menu.m in the iPhone app, you see a tab at the bottom, and on Android, you need to press the three small buttons from the top right-hand corner of the chat menu.

When you get there, you need to tap on the tab with Data and storage usage then press Storage usage. From there, you’ll get a page with a list of your contacts and the file size, that’s next to them.

The largest files are put on top, which means that that’s the person you’ve sent the most texts and photos and videos. But some contacts can have higher files if you’ve sent them a lot of pictures and videos at some point, even if you haven’t talked to that person that much.

The list given by the app has a lot of details. For each contact, you can see everything, from text messages to location shares. You get to see the contacts shared and the location shared, the text messages, the stickers, photos and GIFs, the videos, the documents, and the audio messages. You will be surprised to see some contacts up on your list. And, of course, you’ll see how much time you spend talking with people on WhatsApp, be them your friends or family.

This app is truly amazing. Besides all the features, you can also delete individual chats if they take too much of your space on your phone.





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