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WhatsApp vs. Google Duo – The Best App for Video Calling

Thanks to communication services, we can share our days and thoughts with friends and family while living apart. With the video calling function most such apps have, we feel more connected with our loved ones in situations such as the lockdown that happened (or is still happening) not long ago.  

Today, there are numerous communication platforms, such as Zoom, IMO, WhatsApp, Google Duo, and so on. Still, because there are so many, you might wonder which one could be the best video calling option you could use on a daily basis. If that is the case, stay on for a brief comparison between the popular WhatsApp and Google’s Duo services.  

Google Duo vs. What­sApp – The Best App for Video Calling  

Because these two platforms are some of the most consistent social media apps, it is rather difficult to point to one of them as the best. However, we’re going to draw a fair comparison between them based on a few important factors. Here we go.  

Easy Accessibility  

Both WhatsApp Messenger and Google Duo are easy to navigate and prove a great performance overall. They use a user’s contacts to make the video calls rather than an email or other type of user account, making it incredibly easy to make a call if the recipient’s phone number is saved into your device.  

User Interface  

When launching Google Duo, you are welcomed by the front camera view. Below, you get the contacts list on Duo, and by tapping on them, you get the options for making voice calls, video calls, or recording a video message.  

On the other hand, WhatsApp’s interface provides the list of your chats as you open the app. You can either tap on any of the chats and start a video call by pressing the video icon on the top of the screen, or simply go to the calls tab and make the call from there.  

Cross-Platform Availability  

One of the main features behind the popularity of an app is the cross-platform availability. Fortunately, both WhatsApp and Google Duo are available across most platforms, including iOS, Android, and PC. Still, WhatsApp doesn’t provide the option to video call on desktop, unlike Duo. However, it offers desktop clients for Windows and Mac, whereas Google Duo is only accessible in web versions for PC.  

App Features  

WhatsApp is a uniform platform able to satisfy all your communication needs. It allows you to send text messages, make voice calls, and video calls. The app provides users with centralized control over their conversations and allows them to share images, videos, voice messages, and other files.  

In contrast, Google Duo is specially created for video calling. You can also send temporary messages that last for 24 hours, similar to WhatsApp’s status feature. It also supports various formats such as recorded video or audio, or a note with your message.  

Video Calling Experience  

The most important part, the video calling experience, is better in Google Duo than in WhatsApp. It is easier, a more consistent user experience, and offers a much better interface for video calls, with great quality.

In the case of a low Internet connection, Google Duo is still able to manage its video quality to an extent. On the other hand, the low connection status receives ‘Poor Connection’ alerts in WhatsApp, making the video to pause in the middle. This is actually the most noticeable difference between these two services.  

Apart from that, when it comes to group calls, WhatsApp only supports four users at a time, while Duo allows up to 12 people in this type of call. Moreover, each group is saved in your account on Duo, so when you want to make a call next time involving the same people, you don’t have to add them again.  

The Bottom Lines  

Because Google Duo is, again, specifically designed as a video calling app, it has a few advantages in this area than WhatsApp. However, the latter provides users with a plethora of other features and functions, making it a more complete app for communication.  

Let us know which one of these apps you think is better, or if you have any other suggestions. 



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