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WhatsApp Was Hacked! Several Women Were Blackmailed In NCR

The cybercrime division of the Faridabad police has solved a case of WhatsApp related blackmail. The attacks were made by hacking personal information from the platform. Three persons were arrested, including a woman.

The Attack

Manish Kumar from Palwal is guilty of hacking personal details and chats of WhatsApp users that are women.

To do that, he obtained phone numbers of his targets from Sattar Khan, which was working as a number portability worker for a mobile carrier.

He called the victims and used persuasive means to convince them to accept calls from unknown callers during conferencing.

When the victim accepted a call from an unknown number, he would hack into her WhatsApp conversations.

He then threatened the person by claiming he’ll make the conversations public unless they paid a ransom.

The police said that he “used to demand anything between Rs 2,00 and Rs 10,000 from every victim.”

Gravity Of The Situation

The events that happened have been severely punished, but that does not mean that they can’t be performed again by other maliciously intended users of WhatsApp or more skilled hackers.

It’s sad to see that this form of ransom still works. Technology has progressed a lot over the past decade and is now more complicated than ever, making it hard to track all vulnerabilities. Hackers are eager to learn about safety vulnerabilities or mishaps that can help them fulfill their plans of making dirty money or even bully people.

Cyber-bullying is a serious offense and has led to thousands of people falling into depression or, worse, ending their lives, so it’s not a joke.

As a rule of thumb, you should be aware of who you talk to on WhatsApp and NEVER accept calls from unknown contacts.



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