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WhatsApps Offers Sneak Peek of Multi-Device Support of Recent Beta Build

Probably the most expected feature for WhatsApp users is the ability to use the service on more than two devices even when the main device is not connected to the Internet. Given the most recent beta update, such a feature might soon be available, at least for the Android users.

WhatsApp has offered a new beta variant, which hints at the much-awaited multi-device functionality. Even if the option is not yet available for all users, the app manufacturer has begun displaying the “Use WhatsApp On Other Devices” message on the most recent beta.

It seems that WhatsApp wants first to solve some bugs before launching the multi-device feature. iOS users would experience the functionality in the following weeks or so. They would also switch easily between iOS and Android devices without any trouble.

The Multi-Device Feature For Android Users of WhatsApp

For the Android users, WhatsApp recommends a steady Wi-Fi network connection before logging into a new device. It also warned about how connecting to a mobile internet could mean bigger data plans. Setting up the app on a new smartphone, for example, needs sync in some multimedia files and messages.

Such a thing might consume more data than usual because both devices will run without any dependency. If you’re currently in the beta testing phase, you can choose to download the most recent update from the Playstore. You can quickly test all the features and understand more what’s the deal with the multi-device functionality.

Multimedia Issues

WhatsApp uses now Google Drive and iCloud to backup Android and iOS data. With a multi-device feature, the app would need a new plan to manage the data. It will be intriguing to see how it’s going to do that. It could come up with a cloud service, similar to what Telegram offers, or it will choose a unified storage platform to run the feature.



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