When the Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Hit Earth, the Planet Was on the Other Side of the Milky Way

Earth and all the other planets orbit the Sun, but our host star is going around the Milky Way at the speed of 230 km per second. However, it still stakes the solar system 250 million years to make a complete orbit. During this time, Milky Way is going through the universe. This has been made clear by a NASA researcher, who tracked the evolution of dinosaurs, by making a comparison to the orbit of the solar system around the galaxy.

The scientist did it with the help of an animation, which also shows how long the dinosaurs existed and how young we, as a species, are.

Time scale: humans and dinosaurs

Dinosaurs lived on Earth for 177 million years before the asteroid ruined their existence. Humans have been on earth for 5 million years, that’s less than 8% of the time that the dinosaurs lived here. Dr. Jessie Christiansens stated that 66 million years ago when the asteroid hit Earth, the planet was on the other side of the Milky Way. This way, the first time Dr. Christiansen realized that the time scales – archaeological and the fossil record time scales, and also the astronomical time scales – were a match.

Then, this idea came: follow the dinosaur evolution through the rotation of the galaxy. The animation makes it look like we have come back to the very same spot, but, in reality, the universe has moved a lot. It’s like we are doing a spiral through space. The galaxy is moving, and we are merely rotating around the center of the galaxy, which creates a spiral.




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