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Where Are the Vehicles in Warzone? Fans Are Mad

We all know that Call Of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games out there. The free battle royale game will also be connected with Black Ops Cold War. This is great for all the players out there who have been looking forward to this since day one, but many fans started asking themselves where the vehicles are? Are we getting them back?

There’s a new AR gameplay footage that has been leaked. Call Of Duty has Season 6 should be released on the 30th of September – which is soon. But it will probably change – as we’re used to these days – so we’re just waiting.

But the more important question is: where are the vehicles in Warzone? Will they be back soon?

Infinity Ward has decided to remove the vehicles from Warzone on the 6th of September, 2020. So why did they do it? There was a game-breaking glitch, and the entire server just crashed. Players have recently discovered a glitch, and everyone was being kicked out of an on-going game. For the glitch to happen, all players needed to go out of bounds in vehicles. This resulted in the game abruptly finishing, and everyone got back to the lobby.

Will vehicles be back?

Activision and Infinity Ward did not share an exact date for when the vehicles will be back in Warzone. This removal of the cars is confirmed as being temporary. So they will probably be back in the near future.

So right now, we cannot drive around the map. We know that this has upset a lot of people – a lot of them paid money for it. But, hopefully, soon, we will get them back.



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