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Where to Find the Best Cars in GTA 5 and GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online are simply so popular. It’s been half a decade, and the 2013 sequel is still on fire. Right now, GTA 5 is still among the the bestseller games out there. Rockstar did not want to release any single-player expansions, and the Online game added the Diamond Casino update because it is all about money. How about we make it about cars?

We have written this article to give you the best tips when it comes to getting supercars in Grand Theft Auto V and Online.

The Vacca

If you have to choose the most common supercar in GTA 5, then you should go with Vacca. We know it is underpowered for the multiplayer scene, but it is one of the good cars in the single-player’s base game. In “Meltdown,” Vacca is parked right next to Michael’s getaway car. You just need to take it.

Make the switch

Hypercars spawn relatively frequently in the single-player campaign, and some are being linked to a specific area in Los Santos. The player might simply find it if he or she switches to another playable character. Trevor and Michael will probably surprise you, but switching to Franklin at some point can get you an Adder. This is the most expensive of the six supercars from the base game, and you’d be blessed to drive it.

The better part of the town

The GTA V’s single-player campaign may come with hypercars, but there’s another story with the multiplayer mode. The best cars need to be purchased in Online. Some entry-level cars can be seen in certain areas of Los Santos, in those rich ones, to be specific. You won’t find a Vagner, but we believe that a Voltic is also a good choice.


We know that you want to get the cars easily, and without having to spend a lot of hours in front of the computer. But the GTA Online rewards will be given to those who are willing to work for them. We know that San Andreas revolves around money, so heists seem like a good idea to make a lot of money faster.

Heists are the best part of GTA Online because they are the closest thing to the single-player missions. You can make a lot of money in just a matter of hours.

Find them during missions

If we are to leave aside the DLC vehicles, GTA 5’s base game has, as the state before, six hypercars. They are not the most expensive cars, but they are enough for the 30-hour campaign. Most of these hypercars are easy to find, and they usually show up during missions.

The first example is Bullet, which can be acquitted at the beginning of Franklin’s “Repossession” mission. Also, you need to keep in mind that the vehicles stolen during the main quests will start to spawn more frequently after that point.








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