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Why Halo Infinite Will Not Come With Xbox Series X in November

Microsoft has in its plans to launch the Xbox Series X this November. The company released that they will release the device on a Tuesday after they promised to offer it to the public in the 2020 holiday season. We still don’t know anything about a possible price.

We have also learned that the packaging on an unreleased Series X controller tells retailers not the show the device until the 6th of November.

The news about the console was supposed to come with one of the biggest titles for consoles – Halo Infinite, but we learned that it was delayed to 2021 after they initially targeted a holiday 2020 release window. Some fans started to express concerns about the visuals of the game.

The company has announced that the release window of the console has been narrowed in order to help with the news of the Halo Infinite delay. The team behind the game, 343 Industries, announced its delay on Twitter.

Halo Infinite, which is available for Xbox One and PC will come with bigger and more intense battles than any other game from the series. The first Halo was released back in 2001 when the original Xbox was released. The developer of the game, Bungie, left the franchise in order to work on Destiny, but then 343 Industries got their hands on the series.

So the release date of the game has been pushed to 2021, and Microsoft promised its fans “thousands of games to play, spanning four generations when Xbox Series X launches this November globally. There will be over 100 optimized for Xbox Series X titles, built to take full advantage of our most powerful console”. We know how important is the Halo Infinite game for the new Xbox console. It will also make its appearance on the PlayStation 5 console from Sony.





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