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Why Is It Not Safe for Astronauts to Live in Space?

We all know how ISS is an artificial satellite in the orbit of Earth, which is a space station of the five leading space agencies of NASA – CSA, ESA, Roscosmos, and JAXA. It’s more of a research lab, where crew members conduct different experiments in human biology, astronomy, physics, meteorology, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve all heard how we send a dozen bottles of wines earlier this week for a test. Scientists are looking for a way to combat issues there, but there is one threat that’s not visible.

‘Tomorrow’s World’ from Amazon Prime shows serious issues regarding cosmos exploration. The narrator explains that no one knows right now how long man can survive in zero gravity, but in space, there’s a bigger danger when it comes to the lives of astronauts. He is talking about cosmic rays. The flux of particles that circulate in the void is able to get into the cells and destroy human DNA. The magnetic field of our planet has harmful rays that are dangerous for us, but not when we’re on Earth. When they’re in space for six months, astronauts are exposed to a dose that’s equal to more than 600 chest X-rays.

Cosmic rays are high-energy protons, and together with atomic nuclei, they move around the space at the speed of light. They come from the sun, or from outside our Solar System, or from distant galaxies.

Scientists from the GSI in Germany are trying to find a way to prevent this invisible issue that puts the lives of astronauts in danger.

The narrator then said that, before planning longer trips to space, away from Earth and its protective square, scientists from around the globe are still trying to find ways to protect humans out there. Researches are studying special materials, together with identical sand found on Mars and the Moon. The sand replicas are important because, at some point, humans may want to settle in space.








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