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Will Microsoft Surprise Sony This Time? Where Are the Devkits for Xbox Scarlett?

We all know how the Playstation 5 developer unit looks like by now. The machine is V-shaped, and it has leaked so many times in the last year. So the question is: why don’t we hear some reliable info about the development kits for the next Xbox, which is named Project Scarlett? As per Tom Warren, from The Verge, it’s because no one has them.

When he was asked on Twitter about Xbox Scarlett, he stated that hardly anyone has them, and they are far from being final. This is why you hear all of the rumors, which are nonsense, about their more powerful and robust. We do not know yet, but what we know for sure is that Microsoft wants to surprise Sony this time.

The tweet is exciting, and it gives us some more details about Microsoft’s big plans. We all know that the company was being left out after Sony and PlayStation 4 made their appearance this year on the market. The Japanese company practically blindsided the competition with a surprise PlayStation Metting back in 2013, and from that point forward, it was an entire competition against Xbox, until the two consoles were released.

Warren stated that Microsoft wants to surprise Sony this time. we believe he’s saying that Microsoft wants to meet Sony’s specs in terms of the next-gen consoles. And by keeping it all a secret, they are calculating every move. But that does not mean that Sony is not one step ahead of its rival. Some sources say that the PS5 devkits are everywhere on the internet and actually have been for quite some time. And if Microsoft is still trying to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of its console, then Sony really is one step ahead.




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