Windows 10 Bug Locks Out Some Devices Connected Via Thunderbolt Docks

Several Windows 10 users have highlighted the presence of a new bug that is present across Windows 10 platforms, among which we can count the fresh 1909 build.

It appears that the bug will lockout all devices that are connected to a computer with the help of a Thunderbolt dock. Since most Windows users don’t use this specific accessory, the bug could have been harder to spot, but those who mentioned the issue rely on for a variety of essential purposes.

Microsoft has acknowledged the presence of the new bug, but it remains to be seen when it will be fixed. According to an official statement, the latest Windows 10 bug will prevent devices connected with the Thunderbolt dock from being recognized by the system properly. While they do appear in the Device manager, they cannot be used.

Windows 10 Bug Locks Out Some Devices Connected Via Thunderbolt Docks

Some users pointed out that the bug will surface if the Fast Startup feature is active. The Fast Startup protocol, known in the past as Fast Boot, is a blend between a cold shutdown and the hibernate feature that is used by a large number of users.

The Fast Booth method tends to work great for the vast majority of users, but the introduction of affordable SSDs makes it less critical. However, Microsoft has decided to maintain and improve the feature. Microsoft has stated that the Thunderbolt bug tends to surface quite rarely.

Windows 10 users who face the problem have the option to reboot their computers, but the procedure can take a significant amount of time in some cases, and that can be quite annoying when a deadline is on the horizon. Disconnecting and reconnecting the Thunderbolt dock will not solve the problem. Interestingly, a Thunderbolt remains unpopular among many computer manufacturers. Hopefully, Microsoft will release an update at some point in the future.

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