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Windows 10 KB4560960 Update Contains Printer Bugs

The newest update for Windows 10 grants the operating system an extra layer of a security boost. It also includes some unfortunate printer bugs that render the operating system incapable of printing.

The Updates

The new updates bear the numbers KB4560960 and KB4557957. Microsoft released them on June 9th, and the operating system users started reporting issues as soon as they installed them.

Some user reports on Reddit say that some printers from brands like HP , Panasonic, Brother, Canon, and Ricoh. They reported that some extensions (like .pdf) are unable to print.

Microsoft posted a notice that stated the possibility of the KB4557957 rendering printers unable to do their jobs.

Microsoft warned users that the “[p]rint spooler might error or close unexpectedly when attempting to print, and no output will come from the affected printer.”

Additionally, they stated that the app that the users try to print from could close unexpectedly.

Additionally, the new issue “might also affect software-based printers, for example, printing to PDF.”

Microsoft is still working on fixing the problem. It promises that they will come back with extra information regarding the situation or guides to replace a printer’s driver or completely uninstall the updates that caused the problems.

However, uninstalling the updates puts your computer at risk. The latest update added some necessary extra layers of safety. New Windows updates have been heavily oriented towards safety since the company had to focus on critical features like safety during the pandemic when work had to be done remotely for the most part. Hence, developers had a tough time working together.

Still, you might end up uninstalling the update if you find your computer unable to print, especially if you need it to.

It would help if you considered waiting for a day or two and constantly check for new updates, as Microsoft will likely release a hotfix soon.



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